Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Million Man

How does it work?

All you need to signup with us its FREE to register, get your referral link and start promoting/posting to social media websites including facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, digg and several other platforms, please find a complete list of social media websites under your account in members area. The oppertunity is not only for internet geeks but one can market his/her referral link to family members, co-workers, college and university students or even you can tell people in play ground and markets about this system.

Two Way Earning System

1. 50% commission you will get when you referred each member to us with your affiliate / referral link.
2. 30% commission you will earn every month from your potential downline .
There are two different ways of earning in this system, which differentiate this system from other traditional platforms. Traditional systems give you earnings for only referrals while our system gives you earnings through referrals as well as from potential downline levels, which means you will have the opportunity to earn in two useful ways.

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